#Lockdownguide: How can small business owner use social media right now?

Who wants this pandemic to get over ASAP. Everyone, right?

A change that none of us were ready for, we moved inside locked in our houses and this change moved various brands online to maintain their connection with the audience.

social media fact image

The above number, tells us that more people are using social media now. They’re learning a new skill, getting entertained, and staying connected digitally.

Brands were quick enough to understand this online behavior and roll content that keeps them connected.
But should a small business owner or a financial advisor use social media like them?

100% YES!

Today, in this blog, we will talk about different ways a small business owner or financial advisor can use social media during the lockdown. (+ bonus tips!)

Let us start!

Understand your audience

This point is as essential as practicing social-distancing right now.

Each social media platform is different. A post that works on one platform might not work on the other, and one of the reasons for such behavior is the demographic available on the platform.

For example,  If you want to educate your audience on various retirement schemes and benefits the ideal platform for you would be Facebook rather than Instagram or Tiktok.

This is because the demographic that you’re targeting is more active on Facebook. The below chat will help you understand the demographic on each platform.

Doing this activity will help you:

  •  Be where your target audience is
  •  Strike quality conversations
  •  To connect to new prospects


Sometimes picking the right platform or understanding your audience can get overwhelming.
So, you can start with Facebook. It a great platform to connect to each demographic.
Understand what is Facebook? And how you can get started with it for your business? here 👇

Try different formats while posting

During this time, our fingers are moving quickly from one app to another making the attention span less. So, as a marketer it becomes very imperative to grab attention while the user in your space.

You can get their attention by trying different formats of posts like static image, run a poll, GIFs, album post, and VIDEOS.

video fact image

Videos are considered to be a great story-telling medium.  And now, thanks to advanced social media features you can go live and have interaction with your users. Do consider posting at least one video per week, here are some video content ideas for you:

  • Share behind the scenes
  • Vlog your workday
  • Host a QnA
  • Chat with employees from a different department
  • Product review

Improve your site’s SEO

You can make the most of this time by optimizing your current website. Google loves rewarding sites that are SEO-friendly. The reward you get by optimizing your site is getting ranked. Some SEO-friendly ways to improve your site:

  • Improve page load time
  • Produce high-quality content or change content depending on your keywords
  • Use header tags
  • Fix broken links
  • Optimize your site for mobile devices.

You can get started with these actionable points today. If you need guidance on this, contact us and we will be glad to help you.

Some bonus tips that can be acted on right away!💡

  1. Change your bio and cover pictures from time to time. Include at least 2 keywords in your introduction/company bio.
  2. Change your working hours as per your working hours currently.
  3. Set auto-message on Facebook. This will not affect your response time.
  4. Don’t spam your timeline. It is highly not recommended to post continually or just keep filling your timeline. It’s okay to post frequently that will provide quality information to your audience rather than posting a lot that will not be beneficial.
  5. Try different times of posting. Study and understand, when is your audience most active on the social media platforms and post accordingly. Get useful insight regarding the best time to post on social media platforms here: Best time to post


Staying home shouldn’t stop you from connecting to your audience. We don’t know when the lockdown will be lifted or when will the virus vanish? But let’s not miss the opportunity that the digital platforms are creating for us.

Get started today with easy steps, and if you’re new to the world of digital marketing let our experts guide you. Mail us at info@newwebsite.reflectdm.com and we will get in touch with you soon.
Stay healthy, stay inside, and stay digital.



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