Social media platform guide: Which platform works the best for a professional?

Let’s start this blog with a quick word game. Comment the first word that comes to your mind, when I say social media.

For me the first word that comes to my mind is social media platforms.

Like, have you ever counted the number of social media platforms that we use to connect with our friends? There are 100+ social sites, and the popular ones abound with marketers and users. So, which one are you as a professional using right now? Have you picked the right platform?

Today, in this blog understand the imperative platforms for a professional, and at the end comes handy pointers that will be helpful in your digital journey.

1. Facebook

Marketers can’t ignore the power of this prominent platform.

Facebook continues to grow with mighty numbers. Not only popular among teenagers but also citizens in their mid-30s and senior citizens.

From the above information, we can understand that Facebook can be used as a platform to develop brand identity among various communities and reach a wider target audience.

Features to enjoy on this platform:

Facebook AD

Facebook is the most targeted form of advertisement. You can precisely target a certain set of users and reach them. For example, for your retirement plan, your target audience is people in the age group of 30-40 years. Facebook ad lets you target them based on their interest, activities, profession, and help you find a new set of audience with the same interest.

Plus, these ads are measurable. With Facebook Analytics, you can refine your content, and make change accordingly.

Build a community

Facebook offers an amazing opportunity to build connections with your target audience. Not only at an individual level but also as a community of like-minded people. Facebook Group is a great way to build a community, where there can be a healthy conversation, answering queries, and sharing of tips and tricks.

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Creativity with content

Always sharing an image or occasionally status copy can become tedious. Facebook offers you various ways to share your content with the audience like images, video, poll, article, get shop visit, and more.

Let us understand this with a simple example.

You wish to know if your audience is aware of the new mutual fund scheme. Instead of explaining the scheme all at once, you can host a poll on Facebook.


Based on their answers, your next post can be a video or blog addressing the results of the poll and share your views.

A shift from regular posting and exploring new options brings in uniqueness in your social strategy.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is considered a network for professionals. It is a platform to build connections with professionals in your niche and industry leaders. You can connect/follow business, individual, and groups.

This platform aims to share information, industry experience, market your product and service, and build B2B relationships.

For instance, you are a member of a popular group that provides first-hand data about your niche. You can use this information as a piece of useful content to communicate with your audience.

Features to enjoy on this platform:

Showcase Page

Showcase page is an extension of your LinkedIn page. This page focuses on highlighting your products and services to your audience. You can post content in the form of images, videos, and articles. This creates a hassle-free content page for your audience to get easy access to your services.

Target searches

LinkedIn has very targeted searches. You can find new connections from a particular location, company, school, and even more. So amazing, right?

Imagine, if you wish to connect to a particular set of audience in Pune, you can easily use their search filter  rather than opening every profile and checking every detail.

Recommendations & Endorsements

This is one of my favorite LinkedIn features! How many times have you read customer reviews before buying a product? I have.

A positive recommendation by your customer on your profile entices other prospects who are interested in your services. Their review talks about your services without you saying much about your brand.

3. Twitter

Twitter as a platform is very fast what I mean by that is there is a lot of communication happening via tweets. Twitter is all about communication. It is a great platform to communicate with your users.

If you get in the daily habit of communicating with the users, you’ll be able to unlock new opportunities for your business.

Features to enjoy on this platform:

Twitter Moments

Twitter Moments lets you stand out by creating tweets that are unique and drive more engagement. Your Twitter Moment can be of any kind- for example, if you participated in an event you can tweet in the form of pictures, videos, and share it with your audience.

Advanced Search

Twitter Advanced searches allow you to find any specific user with their advanced search filter. They have great search filters like a hashtag, exact phrase, exact words, location, and more.

Twitter lists

Twitter lets you create a list. In simple terms, it means that you can create a group of Twitter users with similar interest. This will help you organize them in a group and monitor their activities.

Don’t get it wrong by thinking that you’ll be able to share a certain tweet to members of the group. It is only for monitoring and taking action. Your users can be categories in the following topics:

  • Clients
  • Partners
  • Prospects

4. Instagram

One of the most popular and favorite social media platform of the users. It is a complete video and photo-sharing platform. With a unique post design, you have the potential to reach a new audience.

So, does this platform work for a professional?

Instagram challenges our creative minds and brings out the best. If you can’t directly post about your product or service, you can have the following post on your Instagram page:

  • Sharing your experience
  • Connecting your brand with trending topics
  • Client Testimonials
  • Behind of the screens

Direct selling won’t sell your product on this platform. Through enticing design and use of Instagram features you can build a connection with your target audience.

Features to enjoy on this platform:

Instagram stories

When you post an Instagram story, it stays on your profile for 24-hour. Your followers can view the story as many times within that time frame. Your Instagram stories can consist of polls, GIF, and stickers. They make your story more fun and interactive.


IGTV stands for Instagram TV. They help you to post lengthy videos. This is a great way to speak and share your views, have a QnA, or detail video about your product.

5. Quora

Quora is a platform filled with questions, and experts/professionals are answering those questions. Here you as a professional can search for questions in your niche and give your expert view.

If the users like your answer they will give you an upvote which will increase your visibility. You can get started with this platform today without any help. Just log in, fill details, search for questions, and answer.

These are among the top social media platforms a professional should consider. Before, we move to social media tips icing on the cake in the selection of your social media platforms would be WhatsApp.

WhatsApp can be your daily tool to connect with your audience by sending updates, festive post, and other activities related to your brand.

Some handy tips for your social media presence.

  1. Always create a special page for your brand. Connecting through profile doesn’t look very professional.
  2. Don’t spam your audience by sending continues updates. Sharing twice a week is fine.
  3. Explore the paid advertisement each platform offers, they can help you reach a new set of audience.
  4. Consider sharing videos, as they are highly engaging
  5. Seek expert guidance if you feel stuck somewhere in your digital journey.

Social media can be an engaging tool for a professional like you. Using it the right way can change your marketing and the way to interact with your audience. Don’t hold yourself back from what can be good for you. Start small by taking our 15 days free trial: https://newwebsite.reflectdm.com/free-trial-2/.

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