3 social media marketing statistics a financial advisor should read right now!

Social media!
Call it a buzzword, people’s favorite pastime, or platform to market. In all ways, social media has swiftly made a presence in everyone’s life.

As a marketer or a professional, I am sure you must have heard the following lines:

  • Your brand needs to be on at least one social media platform.
  • Social media is the new way of communicating.
  • You’re missing out on clients by not using these platforms.

None of these are false, social media is the new trend to communicate, and your brand needs to be on social media. But are you someone who finds it hard to believe this? Well, read the statistics below if you want your business to thrive in today’s market.

1) 55-64 is one of the fastest-growing demographic on Facebook and Twitter.

One of the biggest myths that many marketers have is that their target audience is not available on social media. In a recent poll, the members of our exclusive group for financial advisors think the same.


Image source- Reflect Digital Marketing


Social media has extended the horizon for every member regardless of their age. The below infographic by Sprout Social wonderfully explains this concept.

You want to target a Mutual fund scheme to an audience in their mid-20s and retirement plan to the audience in their early 30s. As per the above data, both of them are using social media on a profound scale. (84% and 72%)

Take away from this statistic.
Your audience is available on social media. Now it is your time to reach them.

2) A LinkedIn study found out 63% of the audience use social media to learn about financial products and services.

How many times have you searched about a product online? Just check your phone and see which product/query did you search for online?

In today’s time, we search for anything and everything online. From toothpaste to smartphones, the audience is changing the way of buying and communicating.

And now it would not be hard to believe that 63% of the users are searching for their investment-related queries online.

Below are the questions that users frequently search:

  • What is the budget? What are the benefits of budgeting?
  • How much do I need to retire?
  • How to invest in stocks?
  • Is mutual fund the best instrument or the life insurance policies?

Being a financial expert, your knowledge can easily help the users to find reliable information.

Take away from this statistic
Sharing useful content about budgeting, retirement, Mutual funds, etc helps your audience to reach you with your strong knowledge in this field. 

3) Twitter says 45% of its adult account holders are interacting with financial services firms.

Interacting is the most imperative form of communication, right?

Imagine getting a prospect’s contact number via a friend. You’ll take efforts to interact, understand their financial problems, and send snip-it of your services.

Now, the same exchange of information is happening online and 45% on Twitter. Some examples of finance-related tweets below.

Take away from this statistic
The Internet abounds with millions of users who are curious to know about a product or service online.

Clearly, from the above statistics, we notice that social media is influencing the financial industry as well. There is a shift in communication that is making an enormous difference in the market. Which even you might be experiencing, having a presence can help you to go ahead of competitions and reach a newer audience.

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Let us know your favorite statistics in the comment section and if you have any interesting ones do share with us!


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